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Empowering Health and Fitness Through a Holistic Approach

I have always been fascinated with humans and their evolution, After graduating with a degree in Biological Anthropology and spending some time working in a leisure centre, I decided it was time to shift my focus from past to present day people.


I understand the struggle of feeling unhappy in your body, out of control with diet, active but inconsistent with exercise – and how to change this. Emphasising the importance of health and wellbeing from a holistic standpoint, I was able to heal my own relationship with food. I will work with you in person or online to build manageable habits and transform your mindset about health. I will help you improve body confidence and reach your fitness goals by designing a bespoke training programme that works for you.


My priority is to help you cultivate a longer, healthier, and happier life – however that might look for you.


I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and am currently studying to be a Women’s Coaching Specialist. ​

Fun facts: Yoga has been a big life changer for me. I am also a huge outdoor enthusiast and spend as many weekends as I can in the woods learning bushcraft skills. 

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